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By the end of this lesson you will:
Be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages that
climate change could bring.…read more

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Environmental Economic
Social Political…read more

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Climate change will affect the weather and longer term
climatic conditions in many parts of the world.
·It will be drier and hotter in some regions, but colder and
wetter in others.
·Hazardous weather events such as hurricanes and winter
storms will become more frequent, but this is highly
·Changing global temperatures and rainfall patterns will
have an impact on the natural environment as animals and
plant species adapt to the new conditions.…read more

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How will climate change impact
ice sheets?
·The vast majority of the
world's glaciers are
retreating, research has
shown that 90% of the
glaciers in Antarctica are
·It is believed that
melting ice in the Arctic
could cause the Gulf
stream to be diverted
further south leading to
colder temperatures in
western Europe bringing
July temperatures to 8-
10ºC.…read more

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