Challenges for the Planet

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Unit 1 ­ Section B - Challenges for the Planet
The causes, effects and responses to climate change
Describe how the climate has changed since the last ice age
Explain the causes of this climate change ­ to include volcanic activity, orbital geometry and
variations in solar output
Explain the causes of current climate change, including the burning of fossil fuels, increased
car ownership and the increase of methane in the atmosphere
The negative effects of climate change, including changing crop yield patterns, rising sea
levels, retreating glaciers and the threat to marine environments such as coral reefs.
Examples of places affected climate change to be known
The range of global responses to include conferences such as Copenhagen, Bali, Kyoto and
Rio de Janeiro
The actions of non-governmental organisations
The range of responses that an individual, local interest groups, schools and local councils can
do. E.g. "Live simply" and "Manchester is my planet"
Sustainable development for the planet
Definitions of sustainable development
Appreciate the various interpretations of sustainable development and the reasons for
these variations
Examples of the sustainable policies created by large organisations including a focused case
study of Unilever
Other examples from the work place such as recycling bins
Give examples of sustainable transport schemes
Case study of Congestion Charging in London, details to be known and the advantages
and disadvantages. Know why this management of transport can be considered a sustainable
Case study of Park and Ride Scheme in Cambridge again details to be known and the
advantages and disadvantages. Know why this management of transport can be considered
a sustainable scheme
Appreciate the advantages of public transport over private transport
The effects of resource extraction from tropical rainforests ­ know specific
environmental and social examples from places around the world
Details on how oil extraction in Oriente, Ecuador has affected the tropical rainforest
Details on how palm oil production in Papua New Guinea has affected the tropical rainforest
Specific examples of ways in which tropical rainforests can be managed

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Since the last Ice age:
There have been fluctuations in the worlds temperature (10,000 years)
Warmer periods and colder periods of time
In the past 100 years the temperature has risen steadily, and this is predicted to continue.…read more

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Ruining homes for many species and 500 million people who depend on them
1988 ­ IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) "Earth has warmed by 0.5°"
1992 ­ Earth Summit (Rio de Janiro) ­ first international treaty to stabilise greenhouse gases. 154n
1997 ­ Kyoto protocol ­ targeting industrial countries to cut emissions by 5.2.…read more

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Cycle paths make it safer for cyclists promoting green travel
Pedestrianised areas safer and traffic free
Increased costs of Parking people want to avoid high charges
Quality bus shelters people don't mind waiting there ­ shelter & protection
Car sharing filled cars are more efficient
Bus lanes quicker bus services, fines for cars who enter
Congestion charge ­ London (2003)
o Making motorists pay to enter urban areas during peak times (£10)
o Reduce vehicles ease congestion lower pollution
o Decreased traffic by 21% 65,000…read more


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