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AS Biology
From the Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations 2008

When Biology, A Levels and CGP books get pwned...

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johnny zhang

holy god how do you make such good notes.............



wooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...............................these notes are amazing.................thank you


This set of notes have a very large file size (12MB) due to the exceptionally high number of colour diagrams and the fact that they cover an entire AS course for OCR. This set of notes is as good as any revision textbook I have seen (and I've seen many)  and would help to any student needing to study cells, exchange and transport,biological molecules, food and health,biodiversity and key practical skills for their specification.


amazing note ^_^

Haleemah Atiq

The document wont open!!! what shall i do!!


This document does not open please repaste or send to email.


This document does not open please repaste or send to email.


hiya I can't open this is it still available


yes go here


This is amazing!


Awesome, thank you so much!!!


Much revision

Revision doge

Much wow.

(Great notes! My printing budget is pretty much non existent now, but this should be a massive boost to my revision resources! Thanks)

Karla Downs

Where it says the stage graticule is 1mm long, isn't it 1cm long with 100 divisions, as there are 10 divisions for each mm and 10 mm in each cm


tnxs pal


Can someone send me this its not downloading?

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