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A2 Biology

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This set of revision notes have been superbly put together and contain as much information and coloured diagrams as you would need in a revision textbook. Although created with the OCR specification in mind there is much in here to recommend to other GCE Biology students needing to study excretion, homeostasis, respiration, control genomes and the environment. A superb resource.


hi thank you so much for your notes the are AMAZING just wanted to know when will the ecology section be updated ? thank you 


i'm probably gonna start that tonight! it'll definitely be done after Easter because thats when the pastpapers start coming!


hey  thanks for the reply! just wanted to know is the biotechnology section complete as it just has the spec points above and then a blank page (page 56) thank you :)


sorry and there is no gene technology


oh it's probs cos i forgot to update this! anyways I've just completed half the ecology (+ everything else including biotech and genes) - just need to finish the 'populations and sustainability' bit


Your actually amazing thank you so much for these notes and if you don't mind me asking what grade did u get in As because I'm retaking my exam and I'm kinda stressed how did u revise thank you. !!


bio - 99% ums (haha - v.surprised about this one - shouldn't have lost the 2 marks on this water bear question - thought they were talking about actual bears) physics chem math music were all As as well :) but that's why i keep making these notes - they help me alot!

do pastpapers, rewrite notes...etc. but leave the most recent one or two papers for the day before the exam. bring water into the exam (i guess it helps). don't cram on the day of the exam. yeah that's how i go about them


hi just wanted to ask is this the final copy ?


nope - i've added loads of changes. check it out:

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