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Cellular structures Features Function(s)
Rough endoplasmic Flat sacs of membrane Ribosomes carry out protein
reticulum enclosing fluid-filled space; synthesis; RER transports
outer surface is covered in proteins to Golgi apparatus
Smooth endoplasmic Like RER but with no Makes triglycerides (fats),
reticulum ribosomes on outer surface phospholipids, cholesterol
Golgi apparatus…

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organelles to move about
within the cytoplasm; form
cilia, undulipodia and
centrioles; form the spindle
to move chromosomes
during anaphase of nuclear
Cilia Extend from cell surface; Found in large groups; move
made of microtubules fluid or mucus past cells (e.g.
arranged into a `9+2' in the trachea); move…




This table format is a very useful way to summarise key pieces of information such as these on organelle structure and function. Questions are often formatted so answers have to be filled into a table, so it is helpful to revise in this way. Tables can usefully be cut up for quick mix and match exercises. A helpful summary is included comparing prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

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