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The Structure and Function of an Animal Cell
Nucleus ­ controls all the activites of the cell. It
also contains the genetic material needed for
making new cells or new organisms.
Cytoplasm ­ a liquid gel in which most of the
chemical reactions needed for life take place.

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Contains haemoglobin to carry oygen.
To carry oxygen Biconcave shape increases surface
Blood ­ they
Red to cells and area for maximum uptake.
travel around
Blood carbon dioxide No nucleus to carry more haemoglobin.
the body
Cell back from the Flexible shape to squeeze through
cells. capillaries.

Lots of…

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not others e.g. cell membrane. These membranes select which particles pass through. Small
particles can usually pass through by diffusion quite easily but large particles can not pass through.
- The Medium: the state of medium in which particles are moving can affect their rate. Diffusion is
slowest in solids,…


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