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Specialised Cells
Cells Function Adaption
Absorbs light energy for Packed with chloroplasts.
photosynthesis Regular shaped, closely
packed cells form a
continuous layer for efficient
absorption of sunlight.
Leaf Cell
Absorbs water and mineral Long 'fingerlike' process
ions from the soil with very thin wall, which
gives a large surface area.
Root Hair Cell
Fertilises an egg cell female The head contains genetic
gamete information and an enzyme to
help penetrate the egg cell
membrane. The middle
section is packed with
mitochondria for energy.…read more

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Osmosis is the movement of water molecules across a partially permeable membrane from a
region of high water concentration to a region of low water concentration
A partially permeable membrane allows small molecules such as water to pass through but
doesn't allow larger particles through
Water moves into and out of cells by osmosis
In osmosis, water moves against the concentration gradient, so it is similar to diffusion
Osmosis in Animals
If a cell uses up water in due to the chemical reactions in…read more

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This set of notes on cells has some good colour annotated diagrams and presents the key facts clearly.  Cell biology is a topic found in most GCSE Biology specifications.  Team these up with some revision cards or flashcards on the same topic  for a complete set.


Found very useful to influence my revision on C1.1 


meant B1.1 lol


thank you

this helped me alot

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