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What are cells??
All living things are made up of cells, the
structure of what's inside a cell is dependant
on its function. To get into and out of cells,
dissolved substances have to pass through the
cell membrane by either osmosis or diffusion.…read more

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This is an animal cell it
contains a nucleus, a cell
membrane, ribosomes
and mitrochondria…read more

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NUCLEUS- it controls the activities of the cell, it
contains the genetic information of the cell, as
well as the information needed to create new
CYTOPLASM- contains enzymes, is the place
where chemical reactions take place in the cell.
MITROCHONDRIA- where respiration takes place
in the cell and energy is released
RIBOSOMES- where protiensynthesis takes place
in the cell.…read more

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Plant cells also contain
CELL WALL- made of cellulose, maintains the
structure of the cell
CHLOROPLASTS- stores and absorbes light for
photosynthesis to take place, contains
VACUOLE- filled with cell sap…read more

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Bacterial cell
Contains a cell wall, membrane and cytoplasm,
however it's DNA is not stored in a distinct
nucleus, it has plasmids containing extra DNA
and flagella to "swim" with!…read more

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A single celled organism, made up of just a cell
membrane, cell wall cytoplasm and a nucleus, it
respires both aerobic and anaerobically, it
reproduces by asexual budding…read more

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