Cell Revision Cards

Cut up and try and match them together - blank spaces at end to allow you to draw the structures.

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Plasma Membrane. Lysosome. Nucleus. Ribosome.
Smooth Endoplasmic Rough Endoplasmic
Microvilli. Chloroplasts.
Reticulum. Reticulum.
Cell Wall. Vacuole. Cytoplasm. Mitochondrion.
Found in Plant Cells. Contain chlorophyll. Made of Lipids and Protein. Golgi Apparatus/Body.
Gel-like substance where the
The site where proteins are
majority of chemical Found in Animal Cells. Found in Plant Cells.
reactions occur.
Has receptor Molecules on it Has a matrix which contain
Contains enzymes to control
which allows it to respond to Found in Plant Cells. enzymes involved in
chemical reactions.
chemicals (hormones). respiration.
Folds and processes protei
Contains chromatin and a A system of membranes Synthesises and processes
that have been made in th
nucleolus. enclosing a fluid-filled space. lipids.
A system of membranes
A group of fluid-filled
enclosing a fluid-filled space Found in Plant Cells. Contains digestive enzymes.
flattened sacs.
covered in ribosomes.
The Nucleolus makes Processes and packages ne
Found in Plant Cells. Makes lysosomes.
ribosomes. lipids and proteins.
Oval shaped organelles with a
Pores allow substances to
double membrane where the
Found in Animal Cells move between the organelle Found in Animal Cells.
inner membrane is folded to
and the cytoplasm.
form cristae.
Very small organelle the eit
The site of aerobic floats free in the cytoplasm
Found in Plant Cells. Made of Cellulose.
respiration. is attached to Endoplasmi
Contains cell sap (weak
Found in Animal Cells Found in Plant Cells. Site of photosynthesis.
solution of sugar and salts.
Round organelle surrounded
Folds in the plasma
Found in Animal Cells. by a membrane, with no clear Found in Plant Cells.
internal structure.
Digests invading cells or Chromatin is made from
Increase surface area allowing
breaks down worn out Found in Animal Cells. proteins and DNA (DNA
more absorption to occur.
components of the cells. controls the cells activities
. Large organelle surrounded
by a nuclear envelope (double
Found in Animal Cells. Supports and strengthens cell. Found in Animal Cells.
membrane), which also
contains pores.
Regulates the movement of
Found in Animal Cells. substances in and out of the Found in Animal Cells.


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