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Cell membranes (:…read more

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· Every cell has a membrane-Plasma membrane
· Separates the cells content from its external environment
· Partially permeable
· Membranes also surround organelles inside the cell.
If you don't get this...
you should leave. Just go.…read more

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I see what
you did
there.. Phospholipid bilayer
· Heads= Hydrophilic(water loving)
· Tails= Hydrophobic(water hating)
· The heads are drawn to fluids outside the cell and the
cytoplasm outside whilst the tails are repelled.
· Causing them to arrange themselves like this..…read more

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Other components of cell membranes.
· Lie alongside the phospholipids(helping to
make up the bilayer)
· Help to maintain fluidity of the membrane , Glycoproteins-
preventing it from becoming to stiff when · Form channels
temperatures are low or too fluid when · Act as transporters which can move
temperatures are high. substances against their concentration
gradient with help from ATP
· Act as receptor sites, allow specific
molecules in.
· Act as recognition sites
· Act as enzymes…read more

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Cell signalling
· Signals arrive at the plasma membrane.
· A receptor in the cells plasma membrane picks up
these signals and brings about actions within the cell
G-protein Ion channel
Click on the Mechanisms
links to find
out more!!
Enzyme Finished? Click here to
move on!…read more

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Ion channel
· The signal is a chemical
· Attaches to glycoprotein
· When chemical attaches to receptor
it makes the channel open and lets
ions enter the cell.…read more

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