Causes of WWII

Summaries of the key causes of WWII, including Hitler's actions, the policy of appeasement, problems caused by the peace treaties, the Nazi-Soviet Pact, failure of the League of Nations and the economic depression. From my classwork. Hopefully you'll find this useful to revise International Relations Core 3. Good luck in your revision!

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Hitler's Actions Hitler's aims were aggressive! He wished to:
1) Abolish the Treaty of Versailles, which he believed to be unjust, a constant
reminder of a humiliating defeat
2) Expand German territory, which had been reduced by the Treaty of Versailles.
Wanted Anschluss! Carve out empire in East!…

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aggressive policy, as a result of which the policy of appeasement ended and war broke
out in Europe. As the USSR was now allied to Germany, there was no obstacle to
invasion of Poland, and Hitler welcomed an addition to the Nazi forces. This was a very
short term cause…


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