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Causes of WW1…read more

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· Richest and most powerful.
· Had the strongest navy- 3 power
· Was in splendid isolation.
· As an island, Britain concentrated on
its navy to defend the country and
protect its empire.…read more

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· Defeated France in the Franco-Prussian
· Very powerful army
· The Kaiser was jealous of the British
empire and wanted more colonies- `a place
in the sun' and providing raw materials.
· Wetpolik= ruler involved in polotics.…read more

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Russia France
· Largest but the · Weaker than Britain
poorest. and Germany .
· The Tsar had total · French pride was hurt
power. when defeated by
· Large population Germany in Franco-
Prussian war and lost
Alsace & Lorraine.…read more

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AH Itay
· Worried that the · Wanted to gain
Slavs wanted to join land (colonies)
with Serbia.
Germany wanted to gain power.
Britain was threatened by Germany.
France hates Germany.
France & Britain were getting closer.…read more

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· Dual alliance
Germany & Austria-1879
· Triple alliance
Italy joined the Dual alliance-1882
· Anglo-Japanese alliance
Britain & Japan ­ protection for colonies
· Entente Cordiale
Britain made a friendly agreement-France 1904
Br out of splendid isolation. Conditions- Br wouldn't interfere with
Fr in Morocco & Br in Egypt.
· Anglo Russian agreement
Br & Russia- friends
· Triple alliance
Britain, France & Russia- friendly agreement
· Franco-Russian alliance
France and Russia joined against Germany-1894…read more

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