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Module 1: Causes of World War II ­ Answers
1. The American Stock Market Crashed in 1929 because:
In the 1920s, the USA was the most prosperous country in the world with high wages and mass production of goods.
The `Booming Twenties' saw billions of dollars loaned by the USA…

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No army ­ No military action to physically prevent Japanese invasion. Made it much weaker. Would have been
unrealistic to send out an army ­ too far.
7. The League was Weakened because:
Japan refused to accept Lord Lytton's report and withdrew from the League in 1933
In 1933 the…

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Britain and France didn't enter the war which showed them to be easy targets for the future because they were not
preparing for warfare
13. Treaty Versailles was helpful to Hitler's foreign policy because:
Defied the authority of League of Nations by pushing the limits put on Germany
By exploiting…

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16. Neither Britain nor France took any military action against Hitler. The British believed that the Treaty of Versailles was too
harsh. There was no way that Britain would go to war to enforce a clause in the treaty which it did not agree with. Hitler
saw this as further…

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Chamberlain gave a speech saying that he could not trust Hitler not to invade other countries.
Chamberlain guaranteed to defend Poland if Germany invaded.

23. In March 1939 Hitler took over the rest of Czechoslovakia:
After losing the Sudetenland Czechoslovakia began to descend into anarchy. Slovakia began to demand


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