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Causes of the 1905 Revolution
Point Evidence Evaluation
Russo ­ Japanese War 1904 ­ 1905 Russia The Russo-Japanese war was
and Japan went to war one of the main issues causing
over control of N.China the 1905 Revolution.
and Korea Humiliating defeats
Russia faced defeats in angered nationalists
Manchuria and the Port who believed their
Arthur Naval Basis navy was the best,
27th May 1905 ­ Battle they blamed the Tsar
of Tsushina Russian Too far removed from
Baltive fleet lost 25 out the normal everyday
of 35 warships life of the ordinary
Russia's defeat seen as people
national humiliation Undermined support
The war was distant for the Tsar
from the lives of most Led to further defeats
peasants which made the Tsar
Key Issue in the Bloody appear even weaker
Sunday Petition and encouraged the
Meant the Tsar had Revolutionaries
fewer troops in the
cities to control the
Social and Economic Factors Peasants reacted Peasants reaction to
violently to the harvest the famine evidenced
failures in 1892, 1898 the resentment against
and 1901 (which led to social and economic
famine) by attacking regime and highlighted
the Tsar officials and the demand for
destroying Gov official political change from
records on the peasants
landholdings in The desperation
jacqueries caused by poor living
The beginning of conditions motivated
Witte's policies: the majority of the
Increased population in rebels and it formed
cities and towns as the bulk of causes,
peasants moved ti find although it needed a
jobs in factories, living spark to set it off
conditions were poor
and crowded
Unpopularity of the Tsarist On 22nd January 1905 Bloody Sunday was the
regime a priest called Gapon immediate catalyst for the
led 200,000 men to Revolution although it mainly

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Winter Palace in St. served to give an outlet for
Petersburg to hand the underlying discontent
Tsar a petition.
However when they
got there the Tsar's
troops opened fire on
the crowd and over
1,000 people were
killed.…read more

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The Social Democrats -
They followed the
teachings of Karl Marx
and wanted to revolt
and bring out a
communit system.
However in 1903 they
disagreed about how
to revolt and split into
2 parties the
Bolsheviks and the
Mensheviks. The
Mensheviks were led
by Yuly Martov and
wanted to distribute
power around as many
party members as
possible. Whereas the
Bolsheviks led by
Vladimir Lenin wanted
to give power to a
small elite core of
revolutionists.…read more


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