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Causes of the 1905 Revolution

Point Evidence Evaluation
Russo ­ Japanese War 1904 ­ 1905 Russia The Russo-Japanese war was
and Japan went to war one of the main issues causing
over control of N.China the 1905 Revolution.
and Korea Humiliating defeats
Russia faced defeats in angered nationalists
Manchuria and…

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the Winter Palace in St. served to give an outlet for
Petersburg to hand the underlying discontent
Tsar a petition.
However when they
got there the Tsar's
troops opened fire on
the crowd and over
1,000 people were
killed. This was the final
straw and triggered
strikes and revolutions

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were led by Victor
The Social Democrats -
They followed the
teachings of Karl Marx
and wanted to revolt
and bring out a
communit system.
However in 1903 they
disagreed about how
to revolt and split into
2 parties the
Bolsheviks and the
Mensheviks. The
Mensheviks were led


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