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1 Madiha Intikhab

Stress Revision- Causes of Stress
Johansson Swedish Sawmill study + Work Stress

Work Stress: Is a common type stress caused by high responsibility
and repetitive tasks. The more delegation in the job, the more
stress you are likely to have. However as shown in Johansson study,

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2 Madiha Intikhab

self report measure measuring, mood, alertness, caffeine and
nicotine consumption and .

Findings: When arriving at work urine samples were collected and it
was found that high risk workers were most stressed at this time.
The stress levels for these workers increased throughout the day.
Johansson also…

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3 Madiha Intikhab

Hassles: These are small or big problems. Small problems can
combine together to develop one large stress. As Seen By Kanner et


Aim: the aim of Kanner Et Al study was to compare the Hassles…

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4 Madiha Intikhab

The more hassles that were reported, the more negative
psychological symptoms
Hassles correlated positively with psychological symptoms of
stress than life events

Conclusion: Hassles are a more powerful indicator of psychological
symptoms of stress than life events.

Geer and Maisel-Lack of control

Lack of control: this aspect…

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5 Madiha Intikhab

there would be a tone that would be preceded by the images
Group3: control: were told that from time to time they
would hear tones and see images.

Procedure: Participants were seated in a sound proof room and
were wired up to GSR and heart rate monitors…




this is really good, the pictures are helpful. 

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