Edexcel AS Geography Unit 1 - Global Challenges (6GE01), Topic 1 (World at Risk), Section 4 - Climate Changes and its causes - Part B Revision

A PowerPoint with information on the natural and human causes of climate change. Specifically created for revision for Edexcel AS Geography Unit 1. This is the follow on from Part A (obviously!) and looks at the various causes of climate change, including natural and anthropogenic. Despite being targeted for Edexcel, it is definitely useful for all other exam boards as well as for all qualification tiers (e.g. GCSE, AS/A2)

Natural causes include:

  • Variations in the Earth's orbit (Milankovitch Cycles - Stretch, Tilt and Wobble)
  • Variations in Solar output (Sunspots)
  • Meteor/Asteroid impacts
  • Volcanic eruptions

Human causes include:

  • Enhanced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Destruction of natural CO2 sinks

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