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Rivers, Floods and Management Case Studies
MEDC flood:

River Severn Flood, July 2007

Jet stream was further south than usual > a series of low pressure depressions
More than 387mm of rain in England and Wales in the three months up to the 23rd July
(more than…

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2,000 people trapped in Norwich Hotel as water rose 6 feet
2,000 people spent the night in emergency centres
20 patients had to be evacuated from Tewkesbury Hospital by the Red Cross
420,000 people in Gloucestershire without drinking water because the water treatment
works were damaged
13 people killed…

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Collapse of old earth dams in Madhya Pradesh, India > further flooding

Over 2000 people died ­ people were reluctant to evacuate (didn't want to leave land
and livestock unattended) ­ children couldn't swim ­ poor transport links (evacuation
was slow)
Wells became polluted ­ 100,000 people caught…


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