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What is asthma?
· Asthma is a respiratory condition.
· It is long-term.
· It can inflame and narrows the airways, making it hard for
the sufferer to breath.…read more

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Who can get asthma?
Anybody can get asthma.
Most affected people are children and young adults.
More than 5.2 million people being treated in the UK.
It is increasingly common in the more developed world
due to contributing factors such as pollution.…read more

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Factors that increase the likelihood of developing
Family history of asthma
Food allergies
Having bronchiolitis as a child
Cigarette smoke
Being born prematurely…read more

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Symptoms of asthma
Coughing, wheezing, tightness of the chest and shortness
of breath.
An asthma attack has the same symptoms, but the
sufferer may also have difficulty talking, rapid breathing
and tightened neck and chest muscles.
An asthma attack is when the muscles around the airways
are triggered to tighten.…read more

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Asthma triggers
Infections of the airways/chest
Dust mites, pollen and animal fur
Some painkillers
Weather conditions
Food allergies
Cigarette smoke and air pollution…read more

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