Catullus set text translations

A translation of all the Catullus love poems for GCSE set texts. :-)

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How many kisses ­ Catullus
You ask, how many of your kisses are enough and more than
enough for me, Lesbia.
As many as the number of Libyan grains of sand which lie in
silphium-bearing Cyrene, between the oracle of sweaty Jupiter and
the sacred tomb of old Battus: or as many as the stars which see the
secret love-affairs of men when the night is silent: To kiss you with
so many kisses is enough and more than enough for love-crazed
Catullus, which neither inquisitive people could not count
accurately nor bewitch with evil tongue.
Can she be faithful? ­ Catullus
You promise me, my darling, that this love of ours will be a pleasant
one and will be everlasting between us.
Great gods, grant that she is able to promise truly and to declare
that sincerely and from the heart, so that we may be able to extend
this lifelong pact of holy friendship for our whole life.
Conflicting Emotions ­ Catullus
I love and I hate. Perhaps you might ask why I should do this.
I don't know, but I feel it happen and I am tortured by it.


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