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breif notes on catrin poem

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Themes: Parent/child relationship, Danger, Love, and Memory
First stanza is in past tense second stanza is in present tense. This suggests that a struggle is
still going on between them and that their love is still as intense as ever.
The `remembered' is in the past tense throughout, making it seem as though the person she
is talking to is gone, or has changed completely.
She uses very simple language. Perhaps this indicates the simple, intense feelings that the
poem conveys.
Juxtaposition ­ `With the wild, tender circles' ­ shows how violent the labour is with love.
Alliteration and assonance ­ `our first/fierce confrontation' here the repeated f sounds
suggest the heavybreathing effort of the birth.
Enjambment ­ ` taking / Turn at the traffic lights.' Standing alone at the beginning of a
line, and followed by a full stop, the word prepares us for the birth, when mother and child
become at last separate. Also could be the separation of her from her child while arguing.
Metaphor 'The tight / Red rope of love' is the umbilical cord. It is red because of the blood
that flowed between the mother and the child in the womb but also because red is the
colour of passion and love. Red contrasts with the stark, white hospital surroundings. It also
shows the emotional connection with her child and also the physical attraction as she
remembers the birth.
Making her seemed tied
to her daughter by an
invisible rope of love,
which is red to express
the colour of the heart, or
the sense of anger which
love can cause.
`Tightening about my life'
­ Rope is surrounding the
mother, or she is holding
onto it, She is bound by
the fact she is a mother.


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