Catholicism 1667-78

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Catholicism 166778
English Catholics
Approximately 14,000 Catholics in England and Wales, numbers were scattered across
the country but there were clusters in London, which alarmed MP's.
Hostility towards Catholicism
Catholics were seen as a threat to national security (Gunpowder plot, Spanish
There was hostility towards them because of foreign Catholics
Catholicism had become linked with absolutism thanks to Louis XIV
Protestantism was in retreat across Europe
AntiCatholic Laws
When Charles was restored to the throne, the penal laws were in place and any priest
who converted someone was guilty of treason. Depending on local justice, depended on
how strictly these laws were enforced. After the great fire of London Charles ordered all
the priests out of the country because he suspected that it was a Catholic plot.
Charles II and Catholicism
Charles was viewed as being sympathetic to Catholics (he had spent time at Versailles),
in reality Charles didn't care much for religion. From 166974 many were concerned
with Charles perceived sympathy towards the Catholic faith due to
James' Conversion
Charles' little bro attended mass from 1668 and was admitted into the catholic
faith in 1672. Many didn't like this because after his first wife dies, James
married the Catholic Italian princess Mary of Modena in 1673. Because James
was the likely heir to Charles and he was married to a catholic while also being
catholic (everyone very catholic) the marriage was likely to produce a Catholic
heir. There was a potential for a succession of catholic monarchs (SHOCK
There was an alliance with France from 1670
France was very Catholic and had an absolute monarch is Louis XIV (you know
its true)
Declaration of Indulgence

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Suspended penal laws and fuelled fears of Charles extending his prerogative
The Test Act 1673
This act imposed oaths to exclude Catholics from public office.
Public office holders had to swear the oaths of supremacy and
allegiance. They also had to make a declaration of
Transubstantiation (< rejection of Catholic mass). Officeholders
had to provide evidence that they'd recently attended
communion. Such as the well document evidence given by Sir FrankelyKnowsALot in the
above picture who was defiantly not a catholic. No way.…read more


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