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Cohesion…read more

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Women's Rights and
Sexism…read more

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Key Words
Sexism Discriminating against
people because of their
gender (being male or
female)…read more

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Men and women in the UK have equal
rights. During the twentieth century women
gained the right to vote and to have equal pay
with men.
There have been many Acts to gain women
equal rights.
1975 Sex Discrimination Act ­ illegal to
discriminate in employment on the grounds of
gender or if someone is married.…read more

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Why attitudes changed
· During the First and Second World War
women had to do jobs previously done by
men and proved that they could do them.
· The work of the suffragettes showed men
that women were not willing to be second
class citizens.
· UN declaration of human rights and the
Feminist movement put forward a strong
case for equal rights.…read more

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Christian attitudes to the roles
of men and women…read more

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