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Believing in
C Wheeler 2009…read more

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Key terms
Omnipotent The belief that God is all-
Omniscient The belief that God is all-
Omni- The belief that God is all
Benevolent good.…read more

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Theist/Theism Belief that God
Atheist/Atheism Belief that God
does not exist
Agnostic Not being sure
/Agnosticism whether God exists
or not…read more

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We are going to examine arguments for and
against the existence of God
For Against
· Religious upbringing. · Scientific
· Religious Experience. explanations.
· Argument for Design. · No evidence.
· Causation. · Presence of evil and
· Search for meaning suffering.
and purpose.
· Too many followers to
all be wrong.…read more

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What are the main features of a Christian
Influence of parents
Baptised Being taught
A Christian
might include...
ceremonies Attending
Sunday school /faith Church
school education…read more

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How can a religious upbringing lead to a
belief in God?
May seem natural to believe in God if the family
As a child, why would you question what adults
tell you.
Seeing people in church doing certain things
means you would feel that God exists.
Faith schools reinforce the belief in God.…read more

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