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`She had the bonniest eye and the sweetest smile and lightest foot in the parish'

`Bold saucy looks'

`She never had the power to conceal her passion; it always set her whole
complexion in a blaze'

`There lighted from a handsome pony a very dignified person, with…

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After staying at the Grange, C becomes more ladylike in civilised company:
but she still has a temper; she pinches N (see above) and slaps E. Her
attachment to H remains, but she is more attracted to the idea of a higher
social standing in E due to his wealth.…

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happy. However, they do have rows due to H lack of education after 3 months
of civilised company, C is used to being engaged and at the centre of
attention therefore she snaps at H: 'it is no company at all when people know
nothing and say nothing'

This is…

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C loves him: 'for every thought she spends on Linton she spends a thousand on
me' this is supported by C when she talks to N.

C's love for H is particularly shown when C is close to death. Despite being
delirious when H is mentioned there is 'a troubled…

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Mr Earnshaw constantly told C that he `cannot love thee' which made her cry
at first but after hearing often it hardened her and allowed her to laugh at N
when asked to apologise for her behaviour. However, C was the person to
find Mr E dead after singing him…

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different as `fire from frost' continues until her burial in which she is not
buried with the Linton's and her body returns to the outside and freed,
which she found with H. However, E and C did love each other, and when C
collapses, puts her first rather than H:…


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