Casehistory- Alsion (Head Injury) Notes

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Casehistory: Alison (Head Injury) [U.A Fanthorpe]
Structure and Form
Short sentences
Alison is taking her time either b/c she chooses to or b/c of her condition
It is all she can manage now
Links the past and present personalities together
Jarring contrast highlights the narrator's struggle to hold onto her memory
2nd line of the stanza is longer b/c it is always reflecting her prior self
She finds it more interesting than her new, uninteresting and non-important self
Balanced and regular structure
Perfect structure contrasts with her imperfect words
Reveals that inside she is falling apart whereas on the outside she tries to please everyone
Quiet consideration + gentle mourning and regret
First and third person narrative e.g. "I/she"
Demonstrates her confusion
Sense of growing separation between her two selves
"Smiles" x4 indicates that she is fascinated by the meaning of the word. She has nothing to smile
about and thus her longing is clear.
Oxymoronic terms e.g. "Poor clever girl", "fat/delicate", "airy/lugs", "knows/do not"
Highlights the difference between her past and her reality
There is a subtle sense of loss
"My husband's wife" + "My mother's only daughter"
Playing with her sense of identity
It is said factually and there is little emotion b/c she cannot remember
"Degas dancers"
Bears the weight of the whole body = perfect balance and control
Contrasts with "lugs" = subtle sense of irony and loss
"A bright girl she was"
Dramatic and poignant in its simplicity
Chilling reminder of her lost potential

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Words reflect loss
"My father's dead" = loss of family
"I do not remember" = loss of memory
"Shall never get over" = loss of happiness
Life is fragile
Do not judge people
Hunchback in the Park
Isolation (though for different reasons)
Appearance is deceiving and not the truth
Lives are empty sympathy evoked
On a Portrait of a Deaf Man
Before and after scenario; past and present are viewed in different ways
Sympathise with loss
Deal with death : of father/ past…read more


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