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Urban Issues Revision Sheets
What the exam board says:
"Overview of the issues facing many urban areas"
REMEMBER THE USE OF EXAMPLES WILL INCREASE YOUR MARK!--> Name drop them into your answers.
Inner City Run down CBDs
-The problem of a shortage of houses can be solved Birmingham, Bull Ring Shopping Centre
with a good use of the inner city areas
-Originally built in 1960s
City Challenge, Hulme, Manchester -No longer fit for purpose, had nothing to offer new
-Crescents built in 1960s but demolished in 1990s retailers
-City challenge scheme lead to £37.5 million investment
-Homes re-designed to be efficient with water and -New Bull Ring £1 billion scheme
energy -Attracted new shops and business into the area. -Put
-Area made to look more pleasant Birmingham on the map for retail
-A traditional road layout was put in place -160 new stores (90 new to B'ham)
-Local school and a new park have been built -8,000 new jobs
-Views of locals taken into account -Railway station refurbished
Traffic Congestion Ciaro, Traffic, Sewage and Housing
Cambridge: Population- over 11 million
-Park and ride scheme Sewage
-Cycle lanes -Repair and extend the sewage system
-Road calming -Donkey cart rubbish and recycling collection
-Pedestrians only in the centre
London: -High population density
-Congestion charge scheme -Long term plan is 40 `new settlements' to house 15
-Good public transport system million people
-Located in desert away from fertile land
-Metro system put in place to move 2million a day
Exam Question Ideas:
How can housing shortages in rich countries be tackled?
Why do CBDs decline?
Describe a strategy that could help reduce car use in urban areas?


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