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Case Study: The North York Moors p200202
What are the main physical features of the North York Moors?
Plateaulike surface cut by river valleys(dales)
Heathercovered moorlands on the higher parts
Bracken, woods and farmland on the lower slopes
Spectacular coastal scenery with high cliffs
Wide bays with rocky wavecut platforms
What are the main human attractions of the North York Moors?
Old fishing villages such as Staithes and Robin Hood's Bay
Churches and abbeys such as Rievaulx Abbey
Longdistance footpaths such as Cleveland Way
North York Moors Steam Railway from Grosmont to Pickering
Moorland villages in scenic settings, such as Goathland, the location from
the TV series Heartbeat
What are the problems of tourism in National Parks?
As many as 150 000 visitors may arrive in the National Park, mainly by car which
leads to congestion on the roads and pressure on carparking spaces. The
visitors are not evenly spread through out the park and main attractions also
become overcrowded creating honey pot sites.
Popular and well used foot paths become warn away, the vegetation cover is
soon thinned, exposing loose soil, once eroded by people, is quickly washed
away by rain. Managements in National Parks include footpath repairs. Steps
made of local stone are one solution on steep hillsides. Badly eroded sections
may be fenced off and reseeded.
What are the conflicts experienced by local people and visitors?
The main conflict is between the visitors to the National Parks and those who are
trying to earn a living in the upland area. Farming is the activity which covers
most land. In the 1980s some farmers in the North York Moors reclaimed
moorland into pasture to try to increase their farm income according to some
environmentalists this destroyed the beauty of the wild landscape and reduced
wildlife habitats.


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