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The Asian Tsunami…read more

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Background info.
On the 26th of December (boxing day) 2004, a
huge tsunami struck 11 countries. Some of the
places the tsunami hit are Bangladesh, India,
Kenya, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. It
killed more than 225,000 people with waves
up to 30 metres high. It was one of the
deadliest natural hazards in history! The
tsunami was caused by an earthquake in the
ocean. The earthquake was the second
biggest earthquake recorded on a
seismometer.…read more

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Areas affected:…read more

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Muslims believe that the waves when they
reached land wrote Allah in Arabic,
the word for God. See any similarities?…read more

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The Indian and Burma Tectonic Plates meet in
the centre of the Indian ocean. The India Plate
(oceanic crust) dives under the Burma Plate
(continental crust) at a destructive plate
margin in the subduction zone. The stress
released from this movement causes a
gigantic earthquake measured at 9.2 on the
Richter scale and moves the seabed upwards
displacing 30km³ of water. These waves move
away from the epicentre.…read more

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Plate boundaries:…read more

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