Case Study Sustainable Forestry in Malaysia

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What trees are manufactured?
Trees are manufactured for their products such as rubber, oil palm, and cocoa,
as well as their timber.
How can sustainable forestry be managed?
A) Divide the forest in two groups:
Protection and Conservation Forests these include National Parks,
Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries.
Production Forests in these forests logging takes place but it is carefully
planned and controlled
B) Make a survey of the area to be logged and its resources
C) Use selective logging. Only between seven and twelve mature and fully grown
trees per hectare are cut down in each logging cycle. This allows the logged
area to regain full maturity after 30 to 50 years. The forest recovers because the
younger trees and saplings are given more space and sunlight to grow.
D) Monitor what happens. At all stages it is necessary to check that the work
being done conforms to the plan. Illegal activities and clearances are easier to
detect now that aerial photography and remote sensing are available. They still
occur, which is why the number of staff enforcing the rules has increased, as
have the size of the fines and length of prison sentences.


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