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What happened in the first half of the 20th century?
Many Jews were concerned about antisemitism and the persecution of the Hitler's
Germany. By the end of World War II many Jews were desperate for the creation of a
Jewish state. The Jews claimed Palestine was their homeland because of references in the
Bible to it being the birthplace of the Jewish religion and the `land flowing with milk and
What happened in 1947 and 1948?
In 1948, the Jews declared the creation of the state of Israel that replaced the country of
Palestine. War broke out between Israel and her Arab neighbours and many Palestinians
fled Israel. Most refugees settled in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, Syria and
What was the impact on Lebanon?
There were seventeen overcrowded refugee camps
The Lebanon, already struggling to cater for the needs of its own population, cannot
supply the refugees with shelter, clothing, food and medical supplies.
There has been civil war between the Christians and the Muslims in Lebanon.
Several wars have been fought between Israel and the Palestine Liberation
Organisation in the Lebanon.
What was the impact on Israel?
Wars with the Lebanon have been costly in lives and money.
There is hostility and lack of trust between Israel and her Arab neighbours.
Frequent Palestinian Arabs mean there is more land for the Jews to settle.
Jobs have become available for the Jews in Israel.
Greater social cohesion is possible in an almost totally Jewish state.
It is easy to establish schools and synagogues with only a single religion.
What was the impact on the refugees in Lebanon?
They are free from the hostility they experienced in Israel.
They have lost their homeland.
They have suffer appalling living conditions in makeshift shelters with little food,
clothing, money or other services.
Unhygienic living conditions cause disease.
They have lost their rights and have no say in their own destiny.


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