Case study on the ageing population of the UK

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Background Info:
In 2008, the UK's population was estimated to be 61,399,118.
In 2006, there was a record 1.2 million people aged over
Over the last 30 years the average life expectancy for men
has risen from 69 to 75, while for women it has risen from
76 to 80.
Within 20 years, it is reckoned that 1 in every 4 people will
be a pensioner.
Why is the population ageing?
An Introduction of routine vaccinations makes people less
vulnerable to disease.
Advances in medical research and technology have meant
we can deal with illness more effectively and we know more
about how to prevent it from spreading.
Improvements in sanitation, such as sewage disposal
systems, means that we have less access to harmful
As a country, we have a much wider knowledge of how to
lead a healthy life, despite the fact that many people choose
not to.
The babies born in the baby boom period just after the
Second World War are now reaching retirement age.
There is a falling birth rate, due to a change in attitude ­
women are pursuing their own careers and single parents
are much more common. There isn't enough time to care for
a lot of children so most people only have a small family or
don't bother at all.
What are the issues?
There is a very high dependency ratio of 0.34. This means
that for every 10 working people, there are on average 3.4
people who are not of working age.
These 3.4 people who are not of working age still need to
be supported through pensions, grants, etc. The money to

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UK has
high taxes.
Also, even with the current high taxes, many of the older
generation are still not receiving a suffient pension. In fact, in
2007, 1 in every 3 pensioners were living below the poverty
line and just 1 year ago (July 2009), the Uk was deemed to
have the 4th worst pensioner poverty level in the whole of
Europe. This low pension means that many pensioners have
been forced to rely on their relatives or are suffering living
on their own.…read more


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