Case Study on Internal migration in Italy

Case Study on the North South Divide in Italy. Needed for OCR GCSE Geography

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Migration within one country
North and South Italy
Was known as the North-South Divide
Started in the early 1990's
Many young Italians from the south wanted to leave
the rural life for the better jobs and a better standard
of living in the north.
Many towns are inaccessible due to poor roads and
infrastructure and very rugged and harsh terrains
Experiences tremors of earthquakes such as Aquila in 2009
Partially infertile soils and drought proves a struggle when trying to grow produce
High birth rates means there are few jobs as well as little variation in trades ­ mainly
Young people migrate because there is very limited entertainment and night life in
the south
More jobs that are much better paid
More industry in a variety of fields, the industrial triangle is the richest area of Italy
and has contributed significantly to the growth of Italy's economy it is now one of
the seven riches nations.
A multitude of activities in the cities with lots of night life
The problems this mass migration to the north caused were:
o A `brain drain' in the south ­ the well educated people moved to the north for
better jobs and standards of living
o Overpopulation in the north with jobs becoming more and more scarce
o Many southerners could not afford to live in the north because it costs so much
more than in the south ­ this led to a rise in homelessness
The Italian government have tried to reduce the migration numbers by building
better roads and motorways in the south and new electrical power stations
In 1993, they opened the Melfi Fiat factory which produced 7000 jobs
Many young people from all over the southern regions have stayed to
work there where the average age is now just 27
Many travel to work by coach which stops at major towns to collect
The marshy areas which could not be used were drained and trees have been planted
The hot and dry summers are beginning to attracted tourists and many early migrants
are returning


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