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Case study: Mt St Helens 1980


Mt St Helens is located in the North West of the USA in Washington State. It is part of the Cascade
Range of mountains. Mount St Helens erupted on the 18th May 1980; it was the worst eruption to
ever hit the USA.…

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growing at a rate of up to 1.5m per day. It had pushed upwards and outwards by 100m by mid-April
and was over 135m by May 17th.

On May 18th at 8:32am an earthquake of Richter scale magnitude 5.1 triggered the biggest landslide
ever recorded. A mixture of rock, glacier…

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Unemployment in the area rose by a factor of ten a few weeks after the eruption and
tourism in the region was crippled by the fact that the Mount Baker camp site was
completely destroyed and access to the area was heavily restricted.
However these effects were temporary and once…


Sofía Velasco


Just thought i'd check your not on the AQA exam board, as this case study wouldn't be accepted. :) due to it being from more that 30 yeas ago. they have to be contemporary case studies (last 30 years) 



^^^ they still use it as there isn't really another major one like it in the past 30 years.

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