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Mt Merapi

Background Information

There are 130 volcanoes in Indonesia, including one
third of the world's most active volcanoes. Indonesia is
made up of 13000 small islands and is on a destructive
plate margin. Mount Merapi ("mountain of Fire") is part
of the ring of fire, is the most active…

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Long Term Effects

More than 60 people were killed during the 1994 eruption. This is a large amount of
deaths from a volcano. 6km away, the village Turgo was affected the most.

Short Term Effects

The eruption was very violent and very sudden. Before anyone could escape, a thick

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Management techniques

Down each valley, a dam has been built to stop mudflows from reaching the villages.
The mud is trapped and then used on farmlands to release water. There are 70 dams
altogether. They protect villages, roads, a big canal system and tourists sites. Also,
local people have been…


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