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Case study: Motorway corridors out of London p174175
What industries are found along which motorways?
Footloose industries are most likely to be located next to motorways. The growth of
industries they contain are often referred as sunrise industries. There are many of them
along motorway corridors, such as the M11, M23, M3 and M4.
The greatest concentration of all is along the M4 corridor in the section between London
and Reading. Light industries abound, including electrical goods, car parts and many food
companies. Many of the hightech companies are engaged in research and processing
involving microelectronics for computers and telecommunications equipment. Hightech
companies here include Digital, Oracle and NEC.
What are the locational factors which have influenced the growth of light
Locations next to motorways would suggest that transport is the most important factor in
deciding their location. Since they use or assemble parts of no great weight or bulk made my
other industries, transport to market is more significant than raw material assembly. The
wealthiest and most concentrated market in the country is in Greater London and the
surrounding counties. Being close to this market is an enormous locational advantage. In
addition, there are also motorway connections to the rest of Britain, and a high speed rail
link follows the M4 corridor between London and South Wales which can also be linked to
the Channel Tunnel and the increasingly important EU market. As well as being near to
London's three main airports for internal business links.
Where do the workers live?
Labour is a key locational factor. The availability of highly skilled research scientists and
engineers is very important. The presence of several universities has helped to provide a
pool of graduates, and universities offer research facilities as well.
Specialist workers prefer to live in areas of pleasant countryside are close enough to be
accessible at weekends, they are near airports for holidays abroad etc.


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