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CASE STUDY: Hurricane sandy
Several states declared state of emergency ­ Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia,
Washington DC, parts of North Carolina
Schools closed
Transport systems suspended
Evacuation of low lying areas of New York meant 375,000 people were ordered to leave
their homes
Evacuation shelters set up in 76 schools
50 dead across US east coast, 63 in Carribbean, 1 Ohio
Military craft and helecopters made available to help restore and protect water supply
Peak of 8 million without electricity
Damage caused by storm surge, flooding, strong winds
High winds fuelled fires and firebrigades struggled to navigate around flooded and blocked
Water infiltration into new York subway tunnels
Power failure at New York University Langone medical centre has prompted the evacuation
of all 215 patients to other hospitals. Where necessary patients have been connected to
battery monitors and pumps.
Fallen trees caused damage to property
12,000 flights cancelled
FEMA offers advices on how to survie in a hurricane, including storing three days worth of
non-perishable food and only using phones in emergencies.
91 health care facilities lost power and had to use back up generators in Washington DC
New Jersey police working with nation guard to resuce flooded home owners and their pets
10 deaths in New York City
Roofing removed from houses.


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