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Case study: environmental
issues in Dhaka
Urbanisation- AS geography OCR: air
pollution, traffic congestion, water,
pollution, urban dereliction, waste
pollution…read more

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Air pollution
· City's average suspended particle matter (SPM) is 10 times
higher than WHO guidelines
· Estimated 15,000 premature deaths
· 7 million in Bangladesh suffer from asthma and more than
half are children
· Main causes of pollution: old, poorly maintained vehicles,
dust from roads and construction sites, and toxic fumes
from industrial sites
· 8% children, 16% adults have respiratory problems
· High number of brick kilns produce lots of dust and toxic
· Vehicle pollution doubled and 100,000 vehicles enter roads
each day…read more

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Traffic congestion
· Poor enforcement of law: 700,000 rickshaws n road
but only 75,000 have a legal number
· Number of unregistered vehicles has doubled but
number of unregistered vehicles is unknown
· Faulty traffic signals, inadequate man power, narrow
roads and over taking tendency of drivers creates
prolonged traffic congestion
· Illegal parking and unplanned road works on same road
by water and sewer authority (WASA)electric
supplier in Dhaka, telephone and telegraph agencies
without any interaction amongst them can cause large
delays…read more

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Water pollution
Groundwater over exploration
· Abstraction of ground water at current rate is
· Due to 82% of city's water supply coming from ground
water as most surface run off is too polluted to drink
· Bangladesh has regular flooding sometimes can reach 4.5m
· Due to high rainfall, flooding from surrounding
rivers/canals, lack of maintenance of sewers, storm pumps,
and lack of co-ordination among flood prevention agencies,
poor operating policies within the organisations…read more

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Water pollution
Poor service quality
· Poor regulation of clean water supply among residents
only 9million out of 12 million residents receive a
clean water supply from Dhaka water authority
· Due to NGO's poor responsibility in their installation,
operation and maintenance of water pipes- only 39%
residents receive a clean water supply
Inadequate sanitation
· 1/3 homes don't receive any kind of water treatment
leading to contaminated water
· Due to lack of sewege infrastructure- only 1waste
water treatment plant…read more

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Urban dereliction
· Lots of derelict land, mostly redundant tanneries
· Little investment for regeneration due to lack of
government funding which is due to a low tax base
· Derelict sites become occupied by squatters and are
used as illegal rubbish dumps leading to soil and water
pollution and associated health problems…read more

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