Case Study Drought, LEDC

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Case Study
Ethiopia in the Sahel
Tick Managing Managing the Managing change in
economic physical environment the human
development environment
Section of the syllabus Natural Hazards
Location Town/city/region Country Continent
C Ethiopia Africa
R Somali
What What are the
Drought causes?
In the south
and southeast
of the country
February 2006
the recent rainy
seasons were
Why too little, too
Ethiopia is a late and too
poor country irregular
and does not (erratic) for
have the water sources
infrastructure of to be
dams and wells replenished,
to cope with a crops to grow
drought. and grazing to
Facts and figures reestablished.
Climate: dry
with short rainy
season The Earth is
(JulySept) getting warmer
Annual and with this
precipitation warming
(average): comes
extremes of
Temperature rainfall and
(average): temperature
2830°C and more
Population: droughts,
Doubling every particularly in
2030 years
areas in the

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Agriculture: Sahel which
subsistence are especially
agriculture and prone to
drought.…read more

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People became livestock is
weak through their wealth
lack of food could be
and, as their encouraged to
health reduce their
deteriorated, herds if
diseases such drought
as malaria, strikes, in
diarrhoea, and order to feed
intestinal people,
diseases conserve feed
became and maintain
common, core herd for
particularly in breeding once
children the drought
has passed.
of lowcost
systems to
conserve and
make best use
of water
supplies, e.g.…read more

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Keywords: Sahel,
rainfall, aid…read more


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