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Case Study
Ethiopia in the Sahel
Tick Managing Managing the Managing change in
economic physical environment the human
development environment
Section of the syllabus Natural Hazards

Location Town/city/region Country Continent
C Ethiopia Africa
R Somali
What What are the
Drought causes?
In the south
and southeast
of the…

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Agriculture: Sahel which
subsistence are especially
agriculture and prone to
85% rely on
farming for

What are the effects How can the
Primary Effects changes be
The short and managed or solved?
long rains failed By whom? What are
the options for the
causing a…

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People became livestock is
weak through their wealth
lack of food could be
and, as their encouraged to
health reduce their
deteriorated, herds if
diseases such drought
as malaria, strikes, in
diarrhoea, and order to feed
intestinal people,
diseases conserve feed
became and maintain
common, core herd for
particularly in…

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Keywords: Sahel,
rainfall, aid


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