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River Conwy…read more

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Under 2km…read more

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History of the River Conwy
The Conwy is bounded to the East by the rolling ancient mudstone hills
of the Silurian period, the Migneint Moors. These acid rocks are
generally covered in thin, often acid soils and for large parts of the
upland areas. As a result the water entering the river tends to be
acidic and often coloured brown.
To the West, the catchment is underlain by older Cambrian rocks
which are harder and the landscape is, as a consequence, more
dramatic with high craggy hills and mountains through which the river
falls in cascades and waterfalls. Excellent examples of torrential river
geomorphology can be seen at Conwy falls and in the Lledr gorge. The
land to the East is highly forested with planted non-native conifers.…read more

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Equipment Needed
Packed lunch
Measuring Equipment…read more

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Possible measurements that can
be taken include:
Sediment size
Depth and Width of River
Amount of sediment
Rate of Erosion
Width of River
Discharge…read more

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Tributaries of the River Conwy:
River Machno
River Lledr
River Llugwy
River Crafnant
River Geirionydd
River Ddu
River Porth ­ Llwyd
River Dulyn
River Melynllyn
River Roe
River Tafolog…read more

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