Case Study Coastal Management in the Netherlands

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Why is coastal protection essential in the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands, the large cities, most of the industries and the best farming land are all
located in the western half of the country, which lies up to 8m below the present sea level.
How is the coastal area of the Netherlands protected?
Sand dunes line much of the west coast these are the one natural defence against the sea
and it is vital that they remain. As a result the coastline is lined with groynes to save the sand
and in some places trees have been planted to fix the sand. Across inlets of the sea,
enclosing dams were built the Great Dyke across the entrance to the Zuider Zee is over
20km long. In the Delta region in the south, where very serious flooding occurred in 1953,
four great dams, and many more supporting dams, have been built to seal off the large inlets.
How has it been paid for?
The enormous costs of the construction and maintenance have to be paid for by money
raised from taxes, so that in the Netherlands everyone is paying for coastal protection which
is seen as a national problem rather than a local one, as in the UK.


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