Case Study: Brasilia

Hey, here is a case study about Brasilia and it beoming the new capital of Brasil. I hope this helps you to revise! Please rate and comment on how to improve :D

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Located in the central West region
of Brazil, which is in South America
Reasons for a new capital:
The current capital (Rio de Janeiro) was too far away from the centre of Brazil
Rio de Janeiro was overpopulated with a lot of space in the centre of the
There was a large difference in wealth between the South East and other
Brasilian regions
To spread out Brazil's economic growth
Process of changing capital:
1892 ­ the future capital city is designed and marked out
1957 ­ construction of the airport has started
1960 ­ Brasilia is inaugurated
1960 ­ 2006 is the development of universities, cathedrals and other grand
buildings designed to perfection

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Advantages of the new capital:
Attracts tourists due to the high standards of architecture and design
Has attracted migrants from the other two large cities
Has given Brazil a high status due to the revolutionary city
Money spent has been recompensed with tourism and other sources
Disadvantages of the new capital:
The major cities are still Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro as they are used for
business purposes
The other cities are still highly populated
Brasilia is still mostly used as a residential area…read more


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