Case studies - Unit 4 Tectonic activity and hazards

All of theses casestudies are on volcanoes and their impacts 

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Level of Range of MEDC NIC LEDC
Economic Impacts
Mt Etna, Italy 2001 Mt Pinatubo, Philippines Mt Merapi, In
Composite cone volcano, 1991 2010
convergent plate boundary. More than 8,000 houses Ash has covere
It lasted for 24 days. The were completely schools, buildin
Physical lava flows reached destroyed, and a further cars.
temperatures of 1,000°C. 73,000 were damaged. Heavy rain a
The eruption involved eruption
some flank and summit riverbank and d
activity. bridges.
Direct Impact: Direct Impact: Direct Impact:
The ash and smoke caused The severe damage Economic losse
air traffic to be diverted sustained by these estimated 5.5 m
and forced the closing of communities, roads and rupiah due to the
roads, schools and communications were livestock and da
businesses. It caused damaged or destroyed by the tourism, man
significant damage, mostlypyroclastic flows and lahar and agricultural s
to the cablecar and throughout the areas Indirect Impact:
skilifts located between surrounding the volcanoes. The eruption
1,900 and 2,600 metres on Indirect Impact: subsequent volc
the southern flank of the Total losses in 1991 and plumes caused
Economic volcano. 1992 alone were estimated disruption to
Indirect Impact: at 10.6 and 1.2 billion movements acros
The airport of Sicily's pesos respectively, and western Jav
second city, Catania, was including damage to publicflights to an
forced to close while the infrastructure estimated at Bandung, Jaka
runways are cleared of ash 3.8 billion pesos Solo were effec
spewing from the erupting many internatio
Mount Etna volcano. domestic
suspended opera
and from those ci

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Primary Casualties: Primary Casualties: Primary Casual
Social No casualties 847 people killed. 353 people kill
Secondary Casualties: Secondary Casualties: result of pyroclas
No casualties 100,000 become homeless Secondary casua
which caused nine hours of 350,000 people
disruption evacuated fro
However, damage to affected area.…read more



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