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Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Nargis
New Orleans Ayeyarwady Delta
When? August 23rd 2005 (pass over new Orleans on the April 27th 2008
Why? Category 3, 175mph winds affected 90,000 Category 3, 135mph winds. Started as an
square miles. A hurricane created over the intense tropical depression in the Bay of…

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An independent report was done to urge the UN
Security council to take the Burmese government to
international court for crimes against humanity.

The Great Storm Storm Surge Flooding of the Somerset levels
Worst hit Shoreham in Sussex East coast of England
When? October 15th-17th 1987 December 5th 2013 Winter…

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Stock market trading suspended twice Flight cancelations in Scotland due to winds - Farmers struggling to feed livestock as
Changed the way we predict weather > look at 1,700 homes flooded roads closed> had to sell them no shelter or
satellite images > improved communication food for them due to…

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One in six trees has died since 1950 Hotter summers projected to increase heat - Ice caps melting which is leading to an increase in
Temperature increased by 0.8°C related deaths> 1100 premature deaths to sea levels (19cm already, by 2100 further 50cm)
NIGER 10-20% decrease in rainfall by 2050…

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because technically it has not yet become an
aim within their country e.g. USA and Australia
Also Canada pulled out because it wasn't going
to reach its target and didn't want to fined
Earth Attended by most countries.
Summit Came to an agreement that they would begin to

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What? It's a transitional period between the
equatorial wet climate and the desert dry
It has marked dry and wet seasons
90% of rainfall is in the wet season
It includes the Sahel, savannah and the
beginnings of the rainforests such as The
Congo Rainforest
TIMBUKTU 4 month wet…


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