Case Studies for Edexcel B Unit Three Battle for the Biosphere, Geography

Case studies you need to know for Geography Edexcel B Unit Three Battle for the Biosphere.

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Battle for the Biosphere
Tropical Rainforests
Tropical rainforests are located near the Equator where sunlight is concentrated. Average
temperatures do not fall below 27C. The rainfall needs to be high and constant.
Tropical rainforests always need to be warm and wet.
Rainforests are being threatened by transnational companies. They exploit the rainforest by logging
for timber or paper manufacture.
They deforest the land to grow commercial plantations of rubber, cocoa and palm oil.
They are also cut down to graze cattle or grow soy beans.
There is a large loss of habitat as many animals homes are destroyed, leading to many animals
becoming extinct.
Deforestation can lead to desertification which would mean the natural environment would struggle
to recover.
The rain forest provides us with many factors. It has possible genetic uses with new strains for crops,
it has commercial industrial uses, and produces logs, pulpwood, plywood and veneer, charcoal,
medicines, industrial chemicals and gums and resins.
It has ecological uses of watershed protection, flood and landslide protection, soil erosion control
and climate and weather regulation.
It also produces subsistence needs of fuel wood and charcoal, weaving materials and dyes, fruits
and nuts and green medicine.
Sustainable Management
In Kilum in the Cameroon Republic the land is divided into zones which are used for different purposes
and each have different levels of protection.
There is a core conservation zone, which has a forest reserve protected area with minimum human
interference, an area of selective logging, and there is no clear cut felling so a tree cover is
maintained, and well as different areas for multiple zoning or hunting, tourism and conservation. The
size of the reserve is large enough to support wild life.
There is also a buffer zone, which comes into light use on rotational bases and surrounds the core.
Surrounding the buffer zone is agroforestry, which maintains biodiversity of agricultural land and
crops can be grown beneath the shade of different trees.
The plot also has tree nurseries to replace cut down forests.


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