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List of Case Studies Water
Continental Issues
Asia Pacific
o 1/3 lack access to safe drinking water
o ½ million infant deaths from diarrhoea
o bacterial waste is 10x higher than recommended
o overuse of water from agriculture as 90% of the withdrawals are for this
o aquifer depletion

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Overextraction of groundwater may result in permanent compaction especially with aquifers with
a high clay content.
Infiltration to replenish the groundwater supplies is constricted by impermeable rock

South Africa
In Durban the dams are 20% lower than at the start of 2010.
5 million people lacked water access in 2008…

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65% is lost is due to evaporation and transpiration
13% flows out to sea
22% is available
A third of the water for California comes from aquifers
there are seasonal shortages as 50% of rainfall happens between NovMar
the population has risen by almost 30 million in 65 years

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o In 1944 the US and Mexico signed a treaty allowing Mexico to receive a guaranteed amount
of water, however, it didn't specify the quality of the water
Climate Change and the Colorado
o The future river flow is predicted to decrease by 520% in the next 40 years.

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Unemployment because of the collapse of the fishing industry due to the shrinking
sea. Ships laid useless on the seabed.
Local Residents
Health problems from the windblown salt and dust from the dried seabed.
Drinking water and remaining parts of the sea are polluted from weapons testing,
industrial projects, pesticide…

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o 6650 km long
o Longest river in the world?
o Lies in Kenya, Eritrea, Congo, Burundi, Uganda Tanzania, Rwanda , Egypt, Sudan and
o The population of these 11 countries within the Nile River basin region combined is 238
o Ancient Egyptian historical sites are located along…

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that reached Jordan and the quantity fell by 60% and with only 2% of average rainfall they
had to declare a state of drought.
o Rate at which the water is being used is unsustainable ­ there is an over reliance on the
source and there is a lack of…

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o pollution in the Yangtze River is already very high with untreated wastewater and
agricultural runoff.
o The yellow River is undrinkable
o The Haui river is also severely polluted
Australia's snow mountains scheme
o Major engineering project in SE Australia
o 16 dams
o 7 power stations
o Water…

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o Developing countries may become reliant on food imports and may have hunger and
o In subSaharan Africa, grain imports will triple or worse.
Water crisis
o Global water consumption will increase mainly for irrigation
o Domestic demand will fall
o Demand for industrial water will increase by 33%…

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o 18,000 MW of water generated electricity
o could save up to 50 million tonnes of coal every year
o supply water to a region that is responsible for 22% of China's GDP
o flood protection used to be a major problem. It has reduced the frequency of major


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