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Nicole Moyo…read more

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Interpretive Experiences
· Religious by attribution,
· Sometime a person sees a religious
experience as religious not because
of its unsual feauture but because it
viewed in light of prior religious
interpretive framework,
· Examples of this include a person
going through illness but
accompanying it with joy because
of Christ's suffering . And taking an
event to be the answer to a prayer.…read more

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· The primary element is a physical
sensation e.g. hearing voices or visionary
· E.g JULIAN OF NORWICH…read more

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Revelatory experiences
· The enlightenment experience in which their religious
content make them a religious experience.
· These experiences usually have distinctive feautures-
they are sudden and of short duration, though the after
effects may last a lifetime( usually common with
· Link to Buddism…read more

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· Experience that renews a person
· One important part of this experience and also
key element to Christian religion is `healing' .…read more

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· Experience of God's unapproachable
· `Let all mortal flesh keep silence and with
fear, trembling stand' This is from an
ancient greek hym in which Davis used to
describe these experiences.…read more

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