Care Values and Human Rights

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Early Years Care Values
Maintaining Confidentiality of Information
Any stored or computer based info it needs to be password protection.
Locked filing cabinets for written info and should never be left lying about for others to
Information about child should only be disclosed to parents or guardians only.
Information sent home should be in a sealed envelope.
Conversations of sensitive nature should take place in private.
Telephone conversations should be established who they are talking to and don't enclose
any important info also should be taken in a private place.
Staff must be trained so they know what to do in a situation about confidentiality. The four areas
that confidentiality is allowed to be broken is ­
If there is risk of others being harmed.
If the patient is at risk of harming themselves.
If a serious offence has or will be carried out.
Risk of being hurt e.g. physical abuse.
Safe and Healthy Environment
Almost everything can be dangerous. Children need to be watched at all time.
Appropriate staff to child ratios as everything is potentially risky.
All activities should be risk assessed and identified risks minimised.
Plug sockets need to be covered, soft close doors, round edge tables.
Age of children needs to be considered.
Where resources are stored like cleaning products, they should be out of the reach of
children or locked.
Door access passes to keep unwanted people out.
Shelves should be the right height for the children to access, or way out of reach so only
staff can get it.
If a young class were to make Easter cards, a risk assessment would need to be carried out
as they would be using scissors, glue, possibly gel pens or paint. The children may be at risk of
cutting themselves, ingesting the glue or the paint, or they may injure themselves or another
child with the paint brushes, scissors or pens. In order to avoid this, they will need specialised
equipment such as round edged scissors, they should also be taught how to properly walk with
scissors (pointing downwards). They would need to control how much glue they are able to
use, such as using glue sticks or putting PVA in small cups and make sure the fumes aren't
dangerous. Use fat pencils that aren't too sharp. There should also be sufficient staff
Welfare of the child is paramount
Systems should be in place to ensure the children are safe. E.g. a system to ensure the right
child goes home with the right parent or guardian. It must be done in advance.
Consent form if they are leaving the school to go on a trip.
Staff will be externally assessed on the welfare of the children by Ofsted.
If there is ever an incident there should be first aiders in the school and it gets written down
with a time and date and what was done about it. It's a way to learn from what's
happened and ensures the safety of both staff and child. Also helps to make sure it doesn't
happen again.
Visitors will always been signed in and given badges so they know that they have been

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Registers should be taken in order to account for the whereabouts of every child.
Valuing Diversity
Valuing diversity is valuing and recognising differences e.g. the background of the child,
race, ethnicity, religion, dietary requirements and disability.
Celebrating a whole range of religious days. E.g. Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year,
Hanukah, Diwali and Ramadan.
Resources and wall displays with people in them with different ethnic backgrounds,
disabilities and wear different clothes.
Activities encourage experimentation, not gender stereotypical behaviour.…read more

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Human Rights
Right to life
A social worker from the domestic violence team at a local authority used human rights arguments
to secure new accommodation for a woman and her family at risk of serious harm from a violent ex-partner.…read more

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