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Early Years Care Values

Maintaining Confidentiality of Information
Any stored or computer based info it needs to be password protection.
Locked filing cabinets for written info and should never be left lying about for others to
Information about child should only be disclosed to parents or guardians only.

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Registers should be taken in order to account for the whereabouts of every child.
Valuing Diversity
Valuing diversity is valuing and recognising differences e.g. the background of the child,
race, ethnicity, religion, dietary requirements and disability.
Celebrating a whole range of religious days. E.g. Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year,

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Human Rights

Right to life

A social worker from the domestic violence team at a local authority used human rights arguments
to secure new accommodation for a woman and her family at risk of serious harm from a violent ex-partner.
She had received training on the local authority's obligation to…

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