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What is the cardiovascular system?
heart Containing blood
The cardiovascular system consists of the heart, blood and blood vessels.
The heart; The blood; The blood vessels;
muscular pump to supply body with O2 run throughout
the body and to
pushes blood throughout the remove CO2
blood vessels in the body. travel everywhere…read more

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The effects on the cardiovascular system during exercise
Increased heart rate Start to sweat
Increased blood pressure Muscles begin to ache
Breathing becomes quicker + faster
Body temperature increases
The effects on the cardiovascular system after regular exercise
Decreased resting heart rate Healthier veins and arteries
Increased Stroke Volume Lower resting pulse + recovery rate
Change in cardiac output
Blood pressure reduces
Cardiac output = stroke volume x heart rate
Blood ejected from the The volume of blood pumped
heart per min out the heart by each ventricle
during one contraction…read more

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Factors that could have a negative
effect on the cardiovascular system
Fatty substance
carried in the blood
by lipo-proteins
Cigarettes, nicotine High cholesterol HDL ­ good
2. Recreational drugs LDL - bad
3. Lack of exercise
4. Stress
Could increase the risk of
cardiovascular disease. Could
lead to increased blood pressure
+ increased heart rate…read more

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1. What is cardiac output? The amount
ANSWER of blood leaving the
heart per beat.
2. What effects will long term exercise Increased size/strength. Increase
have on the heart muscle and the strength of contraction/pump
chambers of the heart? more blood/increase stroke
3. What effect will long term training Resting heart rate decreases and
have on your resting heart rate and ANSWER
stroke volume increases.
stroke volume?…read more


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