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Further Organic Chemistry ­ Answers
Carbonyl Compounds:
1. Carbonyl compounds contain the >C=O group. The carbon atom is bonded to the oxygen by a -bond and a -bond.
Oxygen is more electronegative than carbon, so the bonding electrons are pulled towards the oxygen atom making
it -
and the carbon…

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Refer to a data book and compare this melting temperature with those of 2,4-dynitrophenylhydrazine
derivatives of aldehydes and ketones.
10. Aldehydes (but not ketones) are readily oxidized. If the reaction is carried out in acid or neutral solution the product
is a carboxylic acid:
If the…

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These substitute into the ­CH3 group next to the C=O group, forming a CI3C=O group. The electron
withdrawing effect of the three halogen atoms and the oxygen atom weaken the -bond between the two
carbon atoms and this breaks forming iodoform:


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