Carbon Cycle

Summary of carbon cycle

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Carbon Cycle
Carbon atoms are constantly recycled
Photosynthesis converts CO from the atmosphere into biomass
Other chemical and biological processes release carbon dioxide from
biomass into the atmosphere
The carbon cycle involves a biotic phase; inorganic ions are incorporated into
living organisms, and abiotic phase; inorganic ions are returned to the
non-living part of ecosystem.
Reservoirs of C where this is removed from environment and is 'locked up' in
organic or inorganic compounds are called carbon sinks!
Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:
Removing plants decreases the rate of photosynthesis
Removed trees are often burnt as fossil fuels
Waste plants material can be left to rot
Cleared land may be used to farm animals- cattle which increases rate of
Increased industrial activity increases use of fossil fuels


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